Epsxe action replay codes

Use the above links or scroll down see all to the PlayStation cheats we have available for Dino Crisis. Type in at the vault. It will open and reveal the card to Dr.

Codes and saves search

Kirk's secret lab in the control room. If you get to beat the game within 5 hours, you'll get a bonus game that you have to kill the amount of dinos you had not killed while you were playing.

There are three types of costumes: SPY - To get the spy costume you must beat the game once. After setting the panel keys enter this nos. If you meet up with a raptor do not kill it, instead run to a nearby room and wait in that room for about 3 minutes. If your really lucky and the tired raptor does not see you, then you will be able to walk right by it.

If you beat the game in under hrs. If you beat the game again another costume will be accessible to you, that makes your weapons bones and leather. Your grenade gun will be a fish.

epsxe action replay codes

The upgrades are also funky: a sight attachment for your handgun will be a frog and the upgrade to the shotgun will be a snake. When you get the upgrade for your grenade gun, you will get another fish. Successfully complete the game three times to view all endings. Then the grenade gun with infinite ammunition will be available at the start of the next game. Successfully complete the game once to unlock the Army and Battle costumes.

Successfully complete the game a second time to unlock the Ancient costume. We have no unlockables for Dino Crisis yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them. We have no easter eggs for Dino Crisis yet. We have no glitches for Dino Crisis yet. Created by: BAdB0i Read the full guide Created by: Brett "Nemesis" Franklin. Created by: Ghidrah. Created by: Stinger SinceCheatCodes. To find all the latest cheats, guides, hints and tips, visit CheatCodes.

Dino Crisis. Check Dreamcast cheats for this game Check PC cheats for this game. Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting in under five hours. Easter eggs. Operation: Wipeout. Dino Crisis 1 Speed Guide.December If there should be any updates in the future, they will be released here! New [pec]chu tutorial online. March Windom, a member of our messageboard has done a nice new [pec]chu tutorial on "How can I find 'unknown increasing values', like the values of damage bars If you are interested in this tutorial click here!

Thanks to Windom for his nice work! April I've just finished a new version of [pec] with the following new features : [pec]chu uses Intel's MMX technology now to improve the search speed Added support for a special form of codetype 50 which supported by the GameShark 2.

epsxe action replay codes

This works only if the plugin was installed, using the [pec] Setup, and the [pec] Interface wasn't copied to another directory after the installation. The bug which force the psx emulator to crash, while using some codetype cheats is fixed now. But still, some codes force the emulation to crash, I think this is related to wrong codes in combination with the emulators emulation.

epsxe action replay codes

So, if you found a code, which let the emulator crash. Please mail mewhich CODE not which game the problem cause. You can download the new version from the download page. In the last 2 days I got many mails from people which had problems with the new [pec] Plugin. It simple wasn't shown the 'Video Configuration' menu of the emulator. This problem was related to a bug? Whatever, Thomas told me a work-around to fix the problem and it works fine now.

So if you had problems, please download it again now.Quote SinGoku. Quote squirrelking. Have you got P. Or striderhiryu beated you to it? Date: Friday,PM Message 1. Date: Friday,PM Message 2. Wish I could help, but I dont even know what EpsxE is Date: Friday,PM Message 3. Date: Friday,PM Message 4. Date: Sunday,PM Message 5. Date: Sunday,PM Message 6.

It works like a video plugin you add on the emulator, then set on the program the Gamesharks you want, then start. It comes with a long list of presetted codes, and you can add yours too.

I think you can download it here: pec. Date: Wednesday,AM Message 7. Quote SinGoku ? Date: Wednesday,AM Message 8. Quote squirrelking ? Date: Wednesday,PM Message 9. Date: Wednesday,PM Message They shall be. Cheats shall be hidden in the game, with hard combinations of buttons, and extremely hard conditions, like "beat the game times", so you waste a lot of effort trying to get them in vain, and then you get really mad, so you seek the cheats in Internet.

Date: Tuesday,AM Message Date: Sunday,AM Message Date: Saturday,AM Message Create a free website with uCoz.Simak baik" Tutorialnya di bawah ini, Jika Code bawaan di Emulator tidak lengkap bisa di Lihat disini.

Copy Code dengan cara di Block di website ini. Save data sebelum di Close pada PEC anda.

[Windows] How to put GameShark codes on ePSXe 1.9.25

Cari Cheat game sesuai Game yg anda mainkan. Misalkan Suikoden 7. Code baru yang anda masukan tadi sudah terlihat dan muncul pada PEC. Ceklis bagian kolom kotak Itu berarti Code yg akan anda Aktifkan nanti setelah di Accept 9. Setelah Di aktifkan oleh anda baru Accept. Selesai sudah, Cheat yg anda masukan tadi sudah aktif pada Game yg anda mainkan. I really enjoyed reading this post, I always appreciate topics like this being discussed to us. Information very nice.

I will follow post Thanks for sharing. Ceklis bagian kolom kotak Itu berarti Code yg akan anda Aktifkan nanti setelah di Accept. Close dengan sendirinya.

『1年保証』 フルセラミック クロノグラフ ホイヤー01 キャリバー カレラ HEUER TAG タグ・ホイヤー CAR2090.BH0729 メンズ 時計 【新品】-メンズ腕時計

Tambahkan komentar. Muat yang lain Popular Posts. Kenangan indah di Suikoden 2 untuk para Pemain Suikoden 1. Jika kalian asing bisa didownload Gamenya di Down Gremio Your favorite Character?Thank you so much, i see many annoying videos on youtube and i was very upset. Your guide works perfectly. Thank you very much for this simple no fuss little guide.

I managed to easily sort out my cheat codes for Gran Turismo. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. So I decided to write this post in order to avoid confusion between them. Also, this method works for older versions of the emulator. Well, I will assume you have the emulator installed and configured.

Now, open the emulator, click on Run, then on the option Enable Logs and restart the program. It will show you another window, now run the game and copy somewhere the information that will be shown at the highlighted area, see the picture below:. It will be different according to the game. In this case, the code is SCUS Now navigate to the main directory of the emulator and open the cheat folder, right click on it and create a text document with the same name of the game region code we saw above.

You can find many on the Internet. Now that you have them, write the codes in the format below:. It should be like the picture below:. Ok, almost done. Now, open the emulator, run the game. Here you should see the codes descriptions that were put in step 2.

If not, go to the step 2 and try again. Check the picture:. Enable just what you need. In this example, only the Max HP code is enabled. After that, just hit OKthen click on Runand Continue to return to the game. Now you know how to enter gameshark code in ePSXe!

Have fun! Try to enable a few codes at once, since GameShark codes can break your save game.

Cheat Codes for Final fantasy VI

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